team330_frontFRC Team 330 – The Beach Bots – are based out of Hermosa Beach, CA. We are the High School robotics team of Hope Chapel Academy and have been competing in the FIRST Robotics Competitions as an individual team since 1997.

The Beach Bots, supported by dedicated engineering mentors, provide High School students an amazing opportunity to learn science, engineering, computer programming, computer graphics, marketing, business management, and many other career oriented skills in a hands-on environment that emphasizes Christian values and ideology surrounding science and competition.

Each year in the beginning of January FIRST FRC teams are presented with a new game and given about 6 weeks to design, build and program a machine to play matches of two minute fifteen second. At Regional Competitions, each team’s robot plays with those of other teams in alliances of 3. Qualification matches are played to determine finalists who then play in elimination rounds until the winning alliance of 3 robots is crowned Champion. Regional competition winners and other award winners then travel to compete in the FRC Championship event (most recently held in St. Louis, MO).

Over the years we have been fortunate to win many regional competitions, Engineering Excellence, and Industrial Design Awards as well as the FIRST FRC Championship competition in 2005.